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Reviewing Construction Plans


Agility Field would like to express their thanks and gratitude for you giving the time to see what we are all about. Ben and Brent started this young business venture less than a year ago and are in the developmental stages of creating an app-based platform where tasks communication (for whatever project you may have) becomes streamlined and efficient. Graduating from California Polytechnic State University Engineering Dept in San Luis Obispo CA, Brent and Ben have the problem solving mindset and wanted to apply this to solving communication barriers which can be used universally across industries. Mainly focusing on the contracting industry for now, Agility Field will be looking to expand and a vast array of project based applications could apply, and even on the personal level as well.

If you are interested in a demo version during this developmental stage and / or would like to give feedback, please reach out via email or our various social media platforms.

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